Course Delivery

Environment & Location

The environment where the qualification will be delivered includes:

  • Simulated work/industry environment
  • Other (specify) Online


The simulated work environment will be achieved by (provide examples/descriptions):

Assessment may be conducted in a real or simulated environment using information, resources and products typical of a weight management workplace, including:

  • a variety of work-related products and services relevant to the weight management industry
  • access a variety of sources of information about the weight management industry
  • workplace documentation, such as product information and organisational policies and procedures


Work placement will be achieved by (provide examples/descriptions):



The location of training facilities for this target group will be (list all addresses and type of facility e.g., library, computer room, commercial kitchen, etc.):


Duration & Amount of Training

The Volume of Learning for a Certificate IV in Weight Management is 1145 hours. As a component of this, the amount of training provided in this instance of course delivery is 1145 hours, comprising of:

  • 795 hours of supervised instruction via online study with an assigned Tutor
  • 350 hours of non-supervised activities including further reading and research


Mode of Delivery

Delivery will mainly be:

  • Online